Bed Dead Redemption

A villainous cowboy breaks into a smarthome and tries to take a nap in the owner's bed. The home-owner's smart appliances attempt to fend off the cowboy.

Enjoy a humor-ridden adventure build for Card Players!

Play against your friend and switch off playing as the cowboy or the house, or play against a challenging AI enemy.

Technologies / Frameworks / Plugins


Submission for Global Game Jam 2019

Created in 48 hours by Enigma Dragons Jam Squad using MonoGame.

Visually, the vivid splashes of color create a sense of fun. So too, do the bright and bubbly character sprites of Bed Dead Redemption. Albeit, the detail being little primitive at times. All in all, the causal nature of the game-play, and a lively OST full of soulful charm create a pleasant vibe that makes the game's simplicity tolerable. Indeed, there is room for improvement, which goes to show that there is a reasonable foundation upon which to build.

Mainly though, I enjoyed the wacky and hilarious themes throughout Bed Dead Redemption. That said, there is not a lot of meat on the bone here, and content is few and far between. However, as a prototype for a future game, the signs are promising. Especially so, if you factor in the free-to-play element. Plus, the ludicrously short amount of time it took to create.