Planet Or Die

You are Stilles 33, the tiniest planet. Scientists continually change their definitions as they refine their understand of the world. Pluto used to be a planet. Eris used to be a planet. Your classification as a planet is now at risk! Use powerful rhetoric and all the best logical fallacies to outwit your opponent and convince an impartial academic crowd that you are actually a planet.

Technologies / Frameworks / Plugins


Submission for Ludum Dare 38

3rd place in Humor

Placed in top 100 out of roughly 3000 submissions for: Fun, Innovation, Theme

Great game, great intro! The graphics, music and sounds and most importantly the dialogues are also pretty good.
Excellent! Very humerous and fun game. Hats off for the idea and story… Cleanly coded with elegant graphics.
A really fun experience. I was laughing my butt off on some of those statements. Great entry!
Wow, after that intro I was not expecting that. I have to say I am happy with my closing statement accusing the guy of being a dark soul and then finishing with I am a fucking planet.
This was really cool. A smacked the first guy down hard. I thought for sure I had the second guy, Calling him a jealous Pluto, but nay, I got blowed up.
Awesome game, very funny and well written. Great art and music, very strong entry overall.
lol, dat Ace Attorney mechanics applied to such silly(in good way) theme! Very fresh and original, and good execution too. Thank you for good laugh.
Funniest game I’ve ever played in a Ludum Dare, hands down.
I had a lot of fun playing this; quirky, humorous, and intriguing! I HAD to play a few times to see all the endings I could get!
Wow! Funniest game ive played this LD XD Its so cool… I managed to beat it and it felt awsome to finally be considered a real planet :D