The Shutdown

The Shutdown is a strategic RPG with an original soundtrack. A corrupt visionary has created a powerful drug that has radically changed the nature of humanity. He has installed his own government to supply people with this drug and teaches them to use it as currency. It makes people stronger, faster, and smarter, but makes them lose their minds. You must fight back against the corruption and free your countrymen!

Technologies / Frameworks / Plugins

RPG Maker MV
Yanfly Engine

Submission for Ludum Dare 39

Oh man, cool game! So much content, very good job guys. I like the scenario, graphics, audio. A good classic jrpg. And this is for 72 hours. Can’t say anything else, amazing.
Graphics and sounds are great. The environment design is well done. It’s hard to believe that you guys made it in 72 hours..
That was pretty fun! I liked the reload mechanic in the combat. The dialogue was nice too.
Cool looking game, I like running around killing server racks in medieval houses. Was cool!
Bugs: None found. Nicely done!