Zero-Footprint Society

Help Weldon Zemke resist the attempts of mega-corporation ZantoCorp to track and monitor all of the citizens of New Atlantica City. Use your wits, your creativity, and a good dose of sheer firepower to break into their Headquarters, outwit the guards, and disable the tracking Nanites. Zero-Footprint Society is a tactics game, loosely inspired by XCOM, Fire Emblem, and ShadowRun Returns.

Technologies / Frameworks / Plugins


Submission for MonoGame Jam - Footstep

1st place

Certainly has a feel of quality about it, from the mechanics to the visuals and audio.
Its visually stunning, the music is great, and as enemies come and go the audio transitions feel clean.
I absolutely love the aesthetic of the game. The UI, the levels, the characters. The setting is spot-on.